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Dr Bradley Ilg
Managing Director ProEnergy Limited

Dr Ilg is the primary architect of the modern New Zealand Block Offer. He is now consulting with ProEnergy for governments and companies on license rounds and divestments. While at the New Zealand Government, he and his teams designed commercially focused policy, license round strategies, pre-contract data programmes, international market analysis and promotion for New Zealand. These efforts brought nearly one trillion dollars of new upstream market capital to New Zealand from 2012 and 2014. Prior to working for Central Government, Dr Ilg applied his MSc, PhD and postdoctoral training as an exploration geologist, structural geologist, frontier basin screener, and unconventional geologist at GNS Science, effectively the New Zealand Geological Survey. His first foray into South East Asia was on a Shell-funded tectonic study of Borneo using paleomagnetism in 1985. He worked as a downstream geotechnical geologist for most supermajors and California Power Companies prior to emigrating to NZ in 1998.